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Welcome to Keymmunity

The friendship, the sharing and the respect are our values
  • Social network dedicated to free publications of real estate ads shared between friends or visible to public.
  • Members (individuals and professionals) can publish their listings with different choices of visibility : on hold, to selected friends, to all my friends, to all my friends and their friends, public.
  • So they can inform each other about their properties and services and inform that they are open to share . exchange . rent . sale .
  • Free registration and use for everyone. Members can unsubscribe at anytime.
  • No financial transaction on this site and so no transaction fee. Users manage financial arrangements between them.
  • No selling of your data to third parties, your data are used for the features of this site and this only to offer you, as we hope, a pleasant and useful experience.

Thank you for being part of it


Dear members,

Feel free to contact us :

    • For any questions
    • If you notice an abuse, a disfunction or if you want to complain about something 
    • For suggestions, for example about the categories or subcategories you would like us to add  
    • For a question about the possibility of a featured ad insert (costs)
    • Want to sponsor us ?

Please, call us or email us, thank you :





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